Longest Day

Saturday, June 22, 2019

THANK YOU for your generous support for The Longest Day 2019.  Unit 498 and Team Peninsula raised over $21,000!  Thank you to all who contributed raffle prizes, items and experiences for our silent auction, and to all who made generous donations to the Alzheimer’s Association!!




If you would like to join us on our

Longest Day Team,


   or you’d like to donate a prize,

contact committee members :


      Robert Johnson, Sue Papilion or Marie Pattie:


      Robert: robtjohnson@comcast.net


    Sue:   suepapilion@icloud.com 

 (213) 407-6722


     Marie:  mppattie@gmail.com   

(650) 787-2215


A Letter from Fred Chasalow


I have been asked many times,

            “Why did you start to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association?”


Here is my answer:


            In December 1907, my grandfather came to the US from a village near Pinsk. I remember him showing me Pinsk on an atlas. During the Russo-Japanese war, soldiers had come to conscript him for the army. Conscripts served for 20 years, if they lived that long. He left by the back door, walked to the Netherlands and boarded a ship to the US. Once, I counted 11 languages that he spoke fluently:  English, Russian, Polish, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic and several others. When I was 5 he taught me algebra, long division and square roots. All things he knew well. He kept the books for his store and rental real estate. Despite all of these abilities, when he was 75, he was no longer able to care for himself and had to move into a nursing home. I went to visit him regularly with my Mom. After a while, he could no longer even be sure who I was. Those days must have been extremely long for him. My greatest health fear is that I may lose my mental ability, just as my grandfather did.


            When the Longest Day program with the ACBL started, I recognized the opportunity to raise money for Alzheimer’s syndrome and other dementia diseases.


My challenge to you is:




$2,000 +

Venosa, Joy


$1,000 +

Dotterich, Mike

Lowenberg, Jackie

Hakman, Pamela

Van Rensselaer, Janelle


$500. +

Chasalow, Fred

Papilion, Sue

Sullivan, Joan



Allara, Janet

Bachli, Marilynne

Baines, Loretta

Baron Barclay

Bates, Mary and Jay

Battaglia, Eleanor

Bayshore Bridge Club

Bellerose, Richard

Bishop, Bruce

Brown, Dee

Bunni, Hend and Raad

Charlton, Loren

Charnes, Julia

Corsetti, Susan

Davis, Paul

Dean, Rosemarie

Dotterich, Mike

Duncan, Linda

Everett. Edward









Faraday, Kimberly

Fattoria e Mare

Felker, Sheila

Frederick, Patti

Fregoso, Barbara

Gates, Joanne

Gennaro, Carol

Greenfield, Lorelei and Jon

Hannawalt, Linda

Heyman, Dorianne

Hornung, Ed

Hubbard, Marlene

Imaoka-Yancey, Marolyn

Ipswitch, Bob

Johnson, Bob

Kamra, Christine

Ketch Joanne Restaurant

Kipperman, Steven

Klein, Eva

Knowles, Carol

Kuhn, Jennifer

Kwong, Jeanie

Landers, Geraldine

Lee, Robyn,

Leuker, Jim

Levy, Jacki

Levy, Maria

Lewin, Joanne

Lewis, Barbara and Jerry

Linder, Marge

Luttrell, Bruce

Malouf, Al

Malouf, Alan

Mehta, Madu




Molumphy, Elizabeth

Ng, Robert

O’Leary, Kevin

O’Neill, Jim

Olsen, Liz

Pacchetti, Marge

Pape, Claire

Pattie, Marie

Paul, Judith

Pellegini, Donna

Porter, Gary

Richmond, Ted

Renson, Marc

Riffle, Charles

Roff, Molly

Samuels, Sally

Sanders, Prue

Schmeekle, Gretchen

Sorenson, Danna and Mark

Spaeth, Lori

Stahlman, Kay

Starz, J and P

Tamer, Rula and Ford

Tessler, Carol


Tilch, Sandra

Ticer, Maureen

Tuckman, Ruth

Urich, Jeanne

Van Ness, Arline and Jim

Ventris, Andrea

Wailes, Ginny

Wanat, Camele

Williams, Jody and Richard

Zapitz, Virginia


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