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Unit 498's  Clubs 

 Gabi/Patti Alliance on BBO

 Director: Gabi Bowling


Open Games

Monday at 10:40 am

Tuesday 10:40 am

Wednesday 10:40 am

Thursday 10:40 am

Friday 10:40 am

Saturday 10:40 am


499er Games

Monday 10:30 am

Tuesday 10:30 am

Wednesday 10:30 am

Thursday 10:30 am

Friday 10:30 am

Saturday 10:30 am


Game Results


Virtual Club Number:VACB 103325

Alliance: (Gabi and Patti)

San Mateo Bridge Center

Director: Raad Bunni

The Villa at San Mateo

 4000 S. El Camino Real


Cell: (650) 954-7747






Open Games

with a 499er stratification

and Handicap


Tuesday and Fridays

at 11:30





Game Results



Peninsula Duplicate Bridge Club

Director: Jenny Kuhn


The Villa at San Mateo

 4000 S. El Camino Real

(650) 690-2582


No in person games at this time

Now Online at BBO

Open Games

Wednesday at 12:30 pm

Wednesday Eve at 6:30 pm

Thursday at 12:30 pm



299er Games

Wednesday at 12:30 pm

Thursday at 12:30 pm



ON BBO, VACB 273474

or in person:

149er Games

Wednesday at 9:00 am

Thursday at 9:00 am


Game Results



Coastside Women's Club

Senior Coastsiders
925 Main Street
Half Moon Bay


Director: Kent Taylor



Friday at 11:45 am 

Cost $10




Chinese American 2 on BBO

Director, Robert Ng


Tuesday Evening at 6:50 pm







Virtual Club Number:

VACB 131292

2021 Mentor Program Unit 498


Our mentor-mentee games have been very popular, both before and after the transition to bridge via BBO. Our last Mentor Game for 2021 is Thursday, October 28 at 6:30 pm. Please contact Pete Goldsmith: petedgoldsmith@gmail.com if you wish to participate as a mentor or mentee.


 Welcome New Members


Barbara Brown, Sam Rimawi, Paul Rolfe, Mark Schreiber


New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Master

Janet Buncke and Paul Rochester


 Club Master

Jean Peers


Sectional Master

Charles Simmons and Seva Sokolov


Regional Master

Marilynne Bachli, Lucy Ballard, Carl Ebeling, Kathy Hamilton


NABC Master

Vivien Moyer


Life Master

Patricia Frederick

Katherine Kwong

Susan Papilion


Bronze Life Master

Linda Duncan

Lorelei Greenfield

Patricia Frederick

Janelle Van Rensselaer

Bill Ihrie


Silver Life Master

Nancy Finney

Eleanor Battaglia

Carol Knowles

Janet Williams

Sharon Legallet

Robert Crosby


 Ruby Life Master

Jay Bates

Philip Kuhn

Virginia Wailes

June White

Arline Van Ness

Louise Frye

Mary Bates 




For more Unit 498 news from District 21's monthly publication, 

Diamond in the Ruff,  click below for our San Mateo Column, written by John Selin.

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