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Join us to play lots of tricks for the treats of Masterpoints!!!!! 

Costumes most welcome, prizes possible!

Sections: Open, 499er, Limited (depending on turnout).

If you need a partner, please let us know.  We can help find one!

Table fees $20.00 including lunch buffet. 

Registration 10:30; lunch 11:00; game 11:45.


A ZERO tolerance game.  Director: Jennifer Kuhn


RSVP: janellevanr@janellevanr.com 




 Welcome New Members


Shushma Aggarwal, Rita Armstrong, Srikanth Chari,

Chris Chung, Leah Khayter, Liza Layman,

Jonathan Liu, Mary Smith


New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Master - Daniel Duffin, Bradley Friedman,

Carol Lashman, Mary Ziegenfuss


 Club Master Siuling Ku and Audrey Poppers


Sectional Master - Marie Horn and Robert Krohn


Regional Master Evelyn Katchman and Nancy Palmer


NABC Master - Bob Gleason and Virginia Zapitz


Advanced NABC Master - Janelle Van Rensselaer


Life Master - Scott Maa, Kal Aziz, Rose Bauer, Lorelei Greenfield,

Linda Duncan and Akiko Murakami


Bronze Life Master - Yehudit Hasin-Brumshten, Jon Greenfield


Silver Life Master - Daniel Sonner


Sapphire Life Master - Janice Nakao


Gold Life Master - Edie Wong




Mentor Mentee Games

 Thursday Evening, October 24

 Thursday Evening, November 21


Contact Jenny if you wish to be a mentor or mentee:





Learning Opportunities







Many volunteers from District 21 will be needed next Fall. Pleae click on the link below to see how you can help:





For more Unit 498 news from District 21's monthly publication, 

Diamond in the Ruff,  click below for our San Mateo Column, written by Fran Gaura.

Unit 498’s 2019 Unit Games and Sectionals



January 26              Saturday                                 Unit Game                                          Fattoria e Mare


February 23-24       Saturday/Sunday                    Open Sectional                                   Cañada College


March 23                Saturday                                  Unit Game/ PRO/AM*                         Fattoria e Mare


April 20                   Saturday                                 Unit Game                                           Fattoria e Mare


April 28                   Sunday                                    High School Championship                Palo Alto Bridge Center


May 4-5                  Saturday/Sunday                     NLM Sectional (0-500 MP’s)              Fattoria e Mare


June 22                   Saturday                                 Unit Game/Longest Day                     Fattoria e Mare


July 10                    Wednesday                             Unit Game (Evening)                          Fattoria e Mare


 August 3 and 4       Saturday/Sunday                    Open Sectional                                   Cañada College



September 7         Saturday   9:30                       NAP Unit Qualifier                              Fattoria e Mare


September 21         Saturday                                 Unit Game/PYB Charity game            Fattoria e Mare


October 5-6            Saturday/Sunday                    NLM Sectional (0-500 MP’s)               Fattoria e Mare


October 26             Saturday                                 Unit Game                                           Fattoria e Mare


November 16         Saturday                                 Unit Game/ Annual Meeting                Fattoria e Mare


December 14         Saturday                                 Unit Game/Holiday Party                    Fattoria e Mare


*AM’s are Non-Life masters under 500 MP’s


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