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 Welcome New Members


Mili Delbecq, Kendall Farrar, Rita Gupta, Helen Kishi,

Bonnie Leong, Umesh Padval, Robert Seeburger


New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Masters

Kristine Birge, Thomas Birge, Darryl Chan, Kai Eckert,

Leah Khayter, Anne Palu, Kathy Rudovsky,

Kent Taylor, Gary Zellweger, Nancy Zorfas


 Club Masters

Rise Cherin, Myrl Dunker, Rebecca Simmons


Sectional Masters

Bob Farkas, Nathan Gennaro, Pete Goldsmith, Barbara Lewis,

Marie Parfitt Pattie, Olivier Pieron, Jeanne Urich


Regional Masters

Vivien Moyer and Suzanne Vuko


NABC Masters

David Sweet and Patricia Wong



Advanced NABC Masters

Jeanie Kwong and Aaron Mayerson


Life Master

Bob Johnson






Director-in-Charge: Greg Vance Greg.Vance@acbl.org

Tournament Chair, Partnership Coordinator: Bob Gleason bob.gleason@comcast.net 

Fees per Session: ACBL members $12, lapsed ACBL members $16, students under 22, $7

Sunday AM 49er pairs game free for players with fewer than 20 MPs


Directions to playing site:
From I 280, exit at Farm Hill Boulevard, between Highway 92 and Woodside Road. Turn left into the Cañada campus at the first signal light. Follow the Loop Road (and signs) to lots #5 and #6.
A map is available at http://www.canadacollege.edu/about/campusmap.php, and an elevator to the Grove is located at parking lot #4 for those who need assistance. The grill at the Grove will be open for lunch.

Mentor Mentee Games

Upcoming Mentor-Mentee Games:

Thursday Evenings at 6 PM:

                January 30

                February 27

                March 26

                April 30


Contact Jenny if you wish to be a mentor or mentee:






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