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 Welcome New Members 


Lois Hauch, Leo Joseph, Nathalie Joseph, Carmen Keenan,

Debra Martinez, Alesander Schlesinger, Cheryl Schoenstein.

Langston Swiecki, Gary Zellweger


New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Master - Eileen Digiorgio, Nancy Hoeck, Jonathan Osborne,

Patrick Smith, Ellen Szanto



 Club Master Jaleh Arbian, Marie Horn, Barbara Lewis, Douglas Slaton


Sectional Master - Nancy Alsen, Gloria Halliday, Donald Kristofferson,

Paula Linden


Regional Master – Kathryn Barnard and Susan Papilion


Life Master - Linda Duncan and Akiko Murakami


Sapphire Life Master - Janice Nakao




Director: Will Watson WatsonBridge@gmail.com

Tournament Coordinator & Partnerships: Bob Gleason:  bob.gleason@comcast.net


NOTE: As we have done over the past year, we request all participants to sign-up in advance by logging onto www.unit498.com and submitting the Reservation Form, which you will find near the top of the home page.

This will allow us to plan the tables and other accommodations in advance.  If you cannot access www.unit498.com, please work with your friends or one of the directors at the Burlingame Bridge Center to sign in, or contact the tournament coordinator.



Entry Fees (per session):  ACBL Members $12, Current Non-members $16, Students under 22 $7



Fattoria e Marre will be providing lunch for a fee.  Details will be posted on the reservation form.  Based on responses, this may be either a box or buffet luncheon.  Keep in mind that the lunch break will be one hour.


If you would like to join us on our Longest Day Team, or you’d like to donate a prize,

          contact committee members Sue Papilion or Marie Pattie:


        Sue:      suepapilion@icloud.com   (213) 407-6722

      Marie:  mppattie@gmail.com         (650) 787-2215



Venosa, Joy


$1000. +

Dotterich, Mike

Lowenberg, Jackie

Hakman, Pamela

Van Rensselaer, Janelle


$500. +

Chasalow, Fred

Papilion, Sue

Sullivan, Joan



Allara, Janet

Bachli, Marilynne

Baines, Loretta

Baron Barclay

Bates, Mary and Jay

Battaglia, Eleanor

Bayshore Bridge Club

Bellerose, Richard

Bishop, Bruce

Brown, Dee

Bunni, Hend and Raad

Charlton, Loren

Charnes, Julia

Corsetti, Susan

Davis, Paul

Dean, Rosemarie

Dotterich, Mike

Duncan, Linda

Everett. Edward








Faraday, Kimberly

Fattoria e Mare

Felker, Sheila

Frederick, Patti

Fregoso, Barbara

Gates, Joanne

Gennaro, Carol

Greenfield, Lorelei and Jon

Hannawalt, Linda

Heyman, Dorianne

Hornung, Ed

Hubbard, Marlene

Imaoka-Yancey, Marolyn

Ipswitch, Bob

Johnson, Bob

Kamra, Christine

Ketch Joanne 

Kipperman, Steven

Klein, Eva

Knowles, Carol

Kuhn, Jennifer

Kwong, Jeanie

Landers, Geraldine

Lee, Robyn,

Leuker, Jim

Levy, Jacki

Levy, Maria

Lewin, Joanne

Lewis, Barbara and Jerry

Linder, Marge

Luttrell, Bruce

Malouf, Al

Malouf, Alan

Mehta, Madu







Molumphy, Elizabeth

Ng, Robert

O’Leary, Kevin

O’Neill, Jim

Olsen, Liz

Pacchetti, Marge

Pape, Claire

Pattie, Marie

Paul, Judith

Pellegini, Donna

Porter, Gary

Richmond, Ted

Renson, Marc

Riffle, Charles

Roff, Molly

Samuels, Sally

Sanders, Prue

Schmeekle, Gretchen

Sorenson, Danna and Mark

Spaeth, Lori

Stahlman, Kay

Starz, J and P

Tamer, Rula and Ford

Tessler, Carol


Tilch, Sandra

Ticer, Maureen

Tuckman, Ruth

Urich, Jeanne

Van Ness, Arline and Jim

Ventris, Andrea

Wailes, Ginny

Wanat, Camele

Williams, Jody and Richard

Zapitz, Virginia


Thank you all!


For more Unit 498 news from District 21's monthly publication, 

Diamond in the Ruff,  click below for our San Mateo Column, written by Fran Gaura

Unit 498’s 2019 Unit Games and Sectionals



January 26              Saturday                                 Unit Game                                          Fattoria e Mare


February 23-24       Saturday/Sunday                    Open Sectional                                   Cañada College


March 23                Saturday                                  Unit Game/ PRO/AM*                         Fattoria e Mare


April 20                   Saturday                                 Unit Game                                           Fattoria e Mare


April 28                   Sunday                                    High School Championship                Palo Alto Bridge Center


May 4-5                  Saturday/Sunday                     NLM Sectional (0-500 MP’s)              Fattoria e Mare


June 22                   Saturday                                 Unit Game/Longest Day                     Fattoria e Mare


July 10                    Wednesday                             Unit Game (Evening)                          Fattoria e Mare


August 17-18          Saturday/Sunday                    Open Sectional                                   Cañada College


September 21         Saturday                                 Unit Game/PYB Charity game            Fattoria e Mare


October 5-6            Saturday/Sunday                    NLM Sectional (0-500 MP’s)               Fattoria e Mare


October 26             Saturday                                 Unit Game                                           Fattoria e Mare


November 16         Saturday                                 Unit Game/ Annual Meeting                Fattoria e Mare


December 14         Saturday                                 Unit Game/Holiday Party                    Fattoria e Mare


*AM’s are Non-Life masters under 500 MP’s


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