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Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

Saturday, December 10

at The Villa


499er and Open Sections


Lunch at 11:30

Annual Meeting at 12:00

Games at 12:45


The Villa at San Mateo

4000 S El Camino Real, San Mateo

Every Tuesday and Friday


 Game at Noon

Open, Handicapped, Stratified


Parking at Villa




Unit 498's  Clubs 

 Gabi/Patti Alliance on BBO

 Director: Gabi Bowling




Open Games

Monday thru Saturday

10:40 am


499er Games

Monday thru Saturday

10:40 am


Game Results


Virtual Club Number:

VACB 103325

Alliance: (Gabi and Patti)

San Mateo Bridge Center

Director: Raad Bunni

The Villa at San Mateo

 4000 S. El Camino Real


Cell: (650) 954-7747




Tuesday and Friday


Lessons Resuming

11:30 to Noon

Game at Noon

Open, Handicapped,






Game Results



Peninsula Duplicate Bridge Club

Director: Jenny Kuhn

(650) 690-2582


Open Game

Wednesday Evening

6:30 pm



Wednesday and Thursday

9 - 11:30 am


Easybridge 1

Wednesday 6:00 to 8:30 pm


Game Results


Virtual Club Number:

VACB 273474

Coastside Women's Club

Senior Coastsiders
925 Main Street
Half Moon Bay


Director: Kent Taylor


Friday at 11:45 am 

Cost $10




Chinese American 2 on BBO

Director, Robert Ng

Open Game

Tuesday Evening at 6:50 pm





Virtual Club Number:

VACB 131292

2023 Mentor Program

Will begin in January



 Welcome New Members


Liam Edwards



New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Master

 Francene Gonek, Jayson Lee, Rita Lee


 Club Master

Christine Ely


Sectional Master

Leslie Braker, Carol Lashman


Regional Master

Rebecca Simmons


NABC Master

Prashanth Sriram


Advanced NABC Master

Debbie Carey

Robyn Lee

   Bob Gleason  


Life Master

 Kit Morse 

 Kathryn Barnard 

 Jeanne Kwong 

Kenneth Hui



Bronze Life Master

Susan Papilion

Kathryn Barnard

Glenna Cook


Silver Life Master

Nersi Nazari

Christine Hevener


Ruby Life Master

Alex Stagner


Gold Life Master

Loretta Baines


Sapphire Life Master

Andrew Hoskins


Diamond Life Master

Robert Ipswitch


Emerald Life Master

Alfred Lee





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