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Unit 498's Virtual Clubs on BBO

Bayshore Bridge Club/ Gabi Alliance

 Director: Gabi Bowling

Open Games

Monday at 10:40 am

Tuesday 10:40 am

Wednesday 10:40 am

Thursday 10:40 am

Friday 10:40 am

Saturday 8:30 am


499er Games

Wednesday 10:30

Friday 10:30 am




Game Results





Virtual Club Number:

VACB 103325

San Mateo Bridge Center

Director: Raad Bunni

Open Games


Tuesday at 12:05 pm

Friday at 12:05 pm



Game Results



Raad's Online Zoom Lessons:

Tuesdays and Fridays 

10 am-11 am









Virtual Club Number: VACB263616

Alliance (Jenny and Raad)




Peninsula Duplicate

Director: Jenny Kuhn

Open Games

Wednesday at 1:05 pm

Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Thursday at 1:05 pm


Fast Pairs

Thursday at 3:55 pm

12 Boards in 60 minutes



99er Games

Wednesday at 12:45 pm

Thursday at 12:45 pm

(Alliance PDBC and Coastside

Women's Club)


49er Games

 Wednesday at 9:45 am

 Thursday at 9:45 am


Game Results



Virtual Club Number: VACB273474

Alliance: (Jenny and Raad)

Easybridge Lessons

Jenny Kuhn

 Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00.


Zoom Lesson followed by playing hands online on BBO.


Email jkuhn@peninsuladbc.com if you are interested in Easybridge.




Chinese American 2

Director, Robert Ng


Monday Evening at 6:50 pm







Virtual Club Number:

VACB 131292

Mentor/Mentee 2020 Games

Save the Dates!

These games will be held once a month on Thursdays at

7:00 PM. The dates are 8/20, 9/17, 10/15, 11/19 and 12/17. 

Let us know if you would like to join us!!


Contact Sue Papilion at suepapilion@icloud.com or Janelle Van Rensselaer at janellevanr@janellevanr.com for more information.


 Welcome New Members


Robert Comartin,  Jenny Hayden, Tito Rael



New Advancements/Achievements



Junior Masters

Romy Bauer, Zoi Calomiris, Laura Dholakia, Carol Gonela,

Rita Gupta, Judith Prothro, King Prothro, Margaret Wong


 Club Masters

Joephine Killen, Hamid Motamed, David Platshon


Sectional Masters

Siuling Ku, Umesh Padval


Regional Masters

Gloria Halliday, Kaili Jiao


NABC Masters

Katherine Kwong


Advanced NABC Masters

Susan Papilion


Life Master

Janelle Van Rensselaer

Bob Johnson


Ruby Life Master

Stephanie Singer

Jennifer Kuhn

Daniel Sonner


Diamond Life Master

Daniel Raider




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