Unit 498 NAP Qualifier

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Villa at San Mateo

4000 S. El Camino Real

San Mateo, CA 94403



Eligibility: In order to play in this event, you must meet both of the criteria below.


Club-Level Qualification: You and your partner must have qualified in one of the sanctioned NAP qualifying games that clubs have hosted on BBO over the past few months. You may play with any qualified partner; there is no restriction to the same partner you played with at the club level.


COVID Vaccination: You must show proof of COVID vaccination to play in this game. Either a paper vaccination card or image displayed on a cell phone is acceptable. This applies even if you have already certified your vaccination to play in club games at the Villa or elsewhere, as we do not have access to all the lists of certified players maintained by the clubs.


Format: This will be a stratified, 2-session event for club-qualifiers at the A, B, and C levels. You must play both sessions to qualify for advancement to the district level. Winners will receive a combination of red and gold master points. Table fees will be $12 per session.

Session 1 - 9:30 AM

Session 2 - 2:00 PM


In addition to requiring proof of vaccination, we are taking other measures to maximize safety at this event. All players must wear face masks, and we will not provide anything to eat or drink. The room is equipped with air filtration, and tables are laid out with the 9-foot center-to-center spacing specified by the ACBL for tournaments during the current situation. This limits the capacity of the room to 12 tables. Registration will start at 9:00, and will be a little slower than normal because it will include checking everyone's vaccination documents, so you may want to arrive early to avoid a delay and be guaranteed a seat.


Location and Parking: The Villa is on the west side of El Camino, north of 41st Ave. in San Mateo. There is a parking lot through an entrance on the north side of the building, which formerly housed a restaurant. Parking spaces marked as reserved for restaurant customers are available to bridge players. Two spaces are reserved for those with handicapped permits. The building entrance is on the south side, near the pool. The only parking at the south entrance is through a gate that requires entering a pass code that the Villa has made available to members of the clubs who host their games there. You may also use these spaces for the NAP qualifier. If you have to park off site, public spaces are available on 42nd Ave.


Director-in-Charge: Raad Bunni bridgepals@gmail.com

Additional Information: Bob Gleason bob.gleason@comcast.net




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