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We Are Up and Running With BBO Online

Sanctioned ACBL Games for Black Masterpoints.




Wednesday and Thursday afternoons  at 12:30 pm (Open)

Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm (Open)


99er Game Wednesday and Thursday at 12:20 pm

(This is an Alliance game with  Coastside Women's Club)


49er Game Wednesday and Thursday  at 9:45 am


We will use  Common Game hands for all games except the 49ers.




To play, you must have a BBO account.  If you have not done so already, please send me your BBO user name so you are not blocked. Please register at least 20 minutes before game time.



Look for Peninsula DBC virtual ACBL games on Bridgebase Onlline under Virtual Club Number VACB273474.


You can find a partner by using the BBO Partnership desk.


Special Introductory rate of $5.00 per person per session. Rates will increase once the games are up for a couple of weeks. Please be patient with us the first few weeks as we get going.



Easybridge Has Moved Online



Easybridge Reservations


PDBC has Easybridge Lessons Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00.


Lesson followed by playing hands online on BBO.


We use Zoom through the whole game, so you can talk naturally at your table - just keep you discussions to social conversation - no talking about your hand.


Email if you are interested in Easybridge.







PDBC's Regular Games



Games are Canceled due to coronavirus


9:00 a.m. EasyBridge lessons
12:30 Open Pairs
6:30 Open Pairs


9:00 a.m. EasyBridge lessons
12:30 49er Game

12:30 Open Pairs



For more info or to be placed on the Easybridge mailing list, please email




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